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Description:Resolution:240*320 QVGA,Display Model:Support cell phone projection,Brightness: 5~7 ANSI Lumens,Projection Image Size: 3.5~20",Frequency Band:GSM/GPRS850/900/1800/1900MHZ
   Producttype:NET D03
Description:Projection Type:LCOS,Brightness: 5-7 ANSI Lumens,LCD screen/Anology TV/FM,Projection Image Size:6.3~21",Built-in 1G, TF Card slot,Battery:1100mAh Li-ion
Description:Projection Type:LCOS(RGB),Light Source: LED (23W),Brightness: 50 ANSI Lumens,Resolution:800*600 (SVGA) ,Interface:VGA,Mini SD,A/V IN,Mini USB,Headset Jack,TV/IN,Projection Image Size:20~100"
Description:Projection Type:DLP,Light Source: LED (30W),Brightness: 100 ANSI Lumens,Resolution:800*600 (SVGA) Focusing:Manual Focus(auto keystone correction),Projection Image Size:15~120",Interface:VGA, ...
   Producttype:NET S01
Description:Projection Type: LCOS Light Source: LED (2.2W) Brightness:10-12 ANSI Lumens Resolution:640*480 (VGA) Projection Image Size: 20~80" Port:USB2.0 projection >>Perfect par ...
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